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  1. Karleen60

    Solved! irulu x7 won't turn on

    This was used for 6 mths and has sit for 3 1/2 yrs. I have connected the mini USB to charging cable that works fine on my phone. Nothing happens, no green light, no anything and it does nothing when power button is pushed for up to 30 seconds. It came with an external keyboard. Does it need to...
  2. D

    New battery won't charge on laptop. Will charge on another laptop

    Hi guys, I ordered a new battery for my HP laptop since the original one wasn't holding charge for very long. Once it arrived, I placed it in my laptop. It had some charge in it so I was able to turn the laptop on. When I tried charging it, the indicator at the bottom right of Windows 10 shows...
  3. H

    Asus K450L wont start or charge

    A few days ago i tried to turn on my laptop and it said that it was low on battery and turned off almost immediately after (pretty normal). I was away from home and didnt have my original charger so i borrowed my friends universal one. It wouldnt charge or turn on so i just assumed it was the...