New battery won't charge on laptop. Will charge on another laptop


Jul 15, 2012
Hi guys,

I ordered a new battery for my HP laptop since the original one wasn't holding charge for very long.
Once it arrived, I placed it in my laptop. It had some charge in it so I was able to turn the laptop on. When I tried charging it, the indicator at the bottom right of Windows 10 shows up as plugged in, charging. This went on for hours, but the percentage wouldn't change.

At work a colleague of mine placed this battery on his laptop, but here it was charging without any issues. I even tried his laptop adapter (also an HP),but that didn't help on my laptop.

I read online that I should try uninstalling the battery drivers in Device Manager, but that didn't help.

I haven't tried upgrading the BIOS (I haven't even checked if there's even a newer BIOS).

Any advice is appreciated.