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  1. S

    Solved! Problem with cut and paste in Word 2010

    I cut and pasted a paragraph from one location in a document to another location in the same document. A solid line clear across the page and about a 20 point space appeared between the original text and the pasted text. How do I eliminate the line and extra space?
  2. S

    Encrypted RAR archive

    Hi guys! I have RAR file. I created there a word doc. The problem is, I locked the archive with a password. After working in Word doc for some time, I closed it. To all notifications about saving, I clicked "yes". However, because the RAR was locked it wasn't updated a word file. So I have 17Kb...
  3. D

    Control N shortcut in MS Word, outlook and Excel 2010 doesn't work any more.

    Suddenly the Ctrl N shortcut in MS Office no longer works. Any idea how to fix?
  4. B

    I need a laptop kinda cheap

    Im 15, at my second job and need a laptop for school and other personal use. I will have roughly $200 or if im really patient $300. I would like windows 10, decent storage and enough to maybe run LOL and csgo if im bored somewhere and also word 2010 or better THE CHEAPER THE BETTER
  5. V

    How can I convert every email hyperlink icon in a '.docx' file to simple text?

    Currently, each email address in the document is behind a hyperlink that's represented by a small white envelope icon (I've attached a picture). I need a contact information sheet that I can print; I need to keep the same text and formatting, and replace the icon with the email address in plain...
  6. DWW256

    Need help fixing page appearance in Microsoft Word 2010

    So whenever I open Word 2010 it looks like this: http://1drv.ms/1cAaZtX You'll find the rest of the question in there.
  7. P

    my word 2010 docs seem to have been affected since having my hard drive cleaned.

    since having my hard drive cleaned my office 2010 and word especially seem to have margin issues. The preview shows the margins are correct, but when printing there are now extra spaces around the document page, as though it has 'shrunk the document making the white space around the information...
  8. M

    Is this laptop a good upgrade over my Samsung laptop

    I currently own a Samsung laptop I use for on-the-go computer work (photoshop, email, word processing, youtube streaming) with an Intel Core i5 3230M processor, 8 gigs of RAM, Intel HD 4000 graphics, and a 120 gb Intel 520 SSD. The problem with this laptop is that when I put the SSD into the...
  9. N

    BESTwindows office package

    which office package do I buy for word,excel,presentaion,access,onenote,publisher and expression web because I want to buy one as I am a student and will need this for school work and a bit of webpage design .
  10. Christopher Chung

    Change Word/Excel Pie Chart Total

    How can I change a pie charts total? Each piece totaling 500 instead of 100. I tried adding a formula on each cell but it's still taking it out of 100. Thanks
  11. D

    Word Processor That Automatically Flags Certain Phrases

    For my work, I do a lot of writing that involves writing the same thing multiple times per day. Because I do not want to repeat myself (and because double checking Copyscape takes too long some days), I was wondering if anyone knows of any word processor, feature, or service of any type that...
  12. S

    Word 2010: Page Break Manipulation

    Hi, Is it possible to manipulate a page break in a way that if two or three lines of text from page 1 were to over flow onto page 2, then the page break would be initiated and would move a larger section of text onto page 2 in order to keep things asthetically pleasing? A whole A4 page full of...
  13. Lord Tumnas

    Removing formatting in word 2010

    hey guys, i have pi to 10,000,000 digits in a word document (dont ask why) but every 50 digits or so there is an {enter} i.e. a line break. the remove formatting button does not remove this, is there any way to do it? Thanks, LordTumnas
  14. T

    Data form in word 2010?

    Hello, i have been using word 97 until recently. it had a data form that i used to edit my mailing list. it allowed me to enter new addresses easily, correct old ones, move easily to any part of the mailing list and to find names via a find feature. now that i have to use word 2010 i cannot...
  15. K

    Random black line on Word 2010

    Hello, I've tried printing my document from Word 2010. Every time it prints off with a horizontal black line randomly over the same text and text box. It appears on the printed version but not on the screen version. What could this be?
  16. B

    Microsoft word document does not print certain pages

    What happened in Word 2010 to printing specific pages of a document by just putting a comma between the page numbers?
  17. 4

    Office 2010 WORD

    When using Word 2010 I am unable to get software to update complete listing of all figures found in the document. The same problem occurs with updating the List of Tables. Is there a reason and a fix? Boo
  18. Z

    Word2010:The function you are attempting to run contains macros.. HELP

    Hi, No matter what document I want to open, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS get this message and have to click OK 3 times before seeing the document : « The function you are attempting to run contains macros or content that requires macro language support (...) » I have Windows 7 64, and this is Word 2010...
  19. G

    Cant use right click in word 2010

    I run win 7, now i can't right click anymore? please hepl me