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  1. L

    Lenovo Y410P Charge Problems / AC Adapter. NEED HELP ASAP

    Hello guys, I recently purchased a Lenovo Y410P from eBay, and I have a problem with getting it to charge. The only way I can get the laptop to recognize the AC Adapter is this procedure: 1) Turn off laptop 2) Take out battery and unplug charger 3) Change the wall socket of the AC Adapter 4)...
  2. N

    Laptop External Graphics Cards the way to go?

    So, I purchased the Lenovo Y410P laptop almost a year ago. It is a magnificent computer with a pretty powerful graphics card (Nvidia GT 755M) being that it can run Battlefield 4 on high settings with a decent frame rate of over 30. However, this system is in no condition to be able to play newer...
  3. HoneyNut

    Will the Lenovo Y410 Still Be On The Market When the Y40 comes out?

    So right before I was about to buy a Lenovo y410p, I heard about the Y40.... A few people say it's going to be priced around $700, but will have an optional inferior GPU than the y410p.... I'd like to play games as well as the y410p can, but can the Y40 do that? Is it worth it to wait and see...
  4. I

    I think I'm going to buy a Lenovo y410p, but...

    Hello. I think I'm going to buy a lenovo y410p. It looks pretty well, and I watched some videos and I like it. My questions are: -Will the NVIDIA GT 750M play newest games? In which settings? -When shoul I buy it? Are there sales on January? -Do you recommend me this laptop? -I heard...
  5. B

    Lenovo Y410p Owners

    I'm planning to buy the Y410p model but I read on several sites that it has a Wi-Fi issue and some touchpad problems. Did anyone had these issues ?