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  1. ferrarachristian8

    Question Horizonal line flickering Lenovo Y50-70 on high brightness?

    I have a problem with my Lenovo Y50–70. A while ago this horizontal line appeared at the top of the display, a few centimeters from the edge. Initially it was just a white hotrizontal line, after a few weeks, suddenly, other continuous ones appeared and started flashing. From the lines down, all...
  2. G

    Lenovo y50 70 Battery Replacement

    Hello Helping peoples, My Name is Amir, i am a Graphic designer, and i have a laptop "Lenovo y50 70 , Model Number : 20378" i am working on this laptop since 1 year, and it worked Fab for me, unfortunately Now i am having problem with battery life :( when its charged 100% it gives only 50 - 60...
  3. A

    I am Planning to buy a Lenovo Y50-70 laptop, will it support GTA5?

    I am Planning to buy a laptop (LENOVO Y50-70), will it support games like GTA5 and Battle Field, and other good games. Please help me out should i go for it and if no then which is a good laptop.
  4. K

    GTX 860M 2GB or 960M 2GB/4GB

    I am buying Lenovo 50-70 but am confused which model to go for. GTX 860M 2GB model costs $929 GTX 960M 2GB model costs $1,149 GTX 960M 4GB model costs $1,249 Quest 1: Since there is a huge difference in the price of 860M 2GB & 960M 2GB model, Will 860M 2GB model serve the purpose of playing...