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  1. Astralv

    Yahoo Messenger gone from Apple store too?

    I am very upset because my family was using Yahoo Messenger for like 10 years. Today I wanted to install it on my child's iPad so I can stay in contact with him when he is in school, and it is not in Apple store! It says that Web version of Yahoo Mail can do Messaging from the Mail, but I don't...
  2. R

    Yahoo messenger problems

    Still can't down load yahoo messenger
  3. R

    Why can't I down load yahoo messenger .

    My messenger said I couldn't open I could not do anything to make it open so I tried to reload it now I can't do this said it is not available outside USA help please
  4. A

    Username akand&password how is unlock

    dear, I am regular member, I am Bangladeshi working IN Kuwait using yahoo messenger long time. from coming vacation I saw my yahoo messenger is not opening & computer is showing your password is lock, so my request you unlock my password. and give to change using the messenger...
  5. R

    Problem with Yahoo Messenger Installation.

    I am just wondering if anyone might happen to know as to why yahoo messenger 11.5 keeps giving me the message 'Install Unsuccessful' when I try to install it on a 64 bit Windows 7 system. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my operating system several times from scratch and each time I still...
  6. D

    Webcam upside down laptop asus

    sir, i am using ASUS LAPTOP, whenever i chat with my friends on yahoo messenger, my webcam is upside down while viewing. please tell me how to rectify?
  7. R

    Why does my yahoo messenger keep signing me out

    each time i go into my messenger and go to mail or whereever i come back to it and i am signed out and have to click back in.It doesn'tmake me re-boot,just have to sign back in again.I am not signed into any other computer.
  8. M

    Yahoo Messenger conflict with 3ds max?

    Hello...I have a problem with Yahoo messenger lately. A message saying " yahoo messenger is not responding" appears from nowhere. I observed this didn't happen before I have installed 3ds max . I think the problem is that Yahoo messenger installs Microsoft's Visual C++ Runtime 2005...
  9. M

    Solved! Webcam for acer aspire one d255e

    how can I access my webcam on yahoo Messenger
  10. I

    Yahoo Messenger Issue

    Hey guys! I have an issue with my new Sony Vaio. I installed yahoo messenger and when I type longer texts in the text box, the first line starts blinking every time I write a new character on the future lines. So, every time I press a key starting from the second line...the first line of text...
  11. G

    my conntact detail yahoo messenger

    Dear Sir My name is Ene Angheluta and Braila in Romania are we 42 years. I have a big problem. In 2009 I made my yahoo account but now a few days ago I entered the Messenger to read email messages, this happens in the morning at around 7.00 AM. Then I went to work on my computer but the my son...
  12. jnojr

    Video chat questions

    I want to get a web cam to chat w/ my GF. I used Pidgin, but it looks like it doesn't support video. Do any other "all in one" clients let me do that? She uses Yahoo Messenger. Also, is it possible to do three-way video chats without special software? Or, if not, is there free software...
  13. H

    Other people can't hear me while calling...?

    Idk what's the problem but when I call other people using SIM, they say that they can't hear me while other apps which involve sound work fine, even the voice recorder... And when I call using yahoo messenger, it still works fine... What's the problem? Please help! I'm running iOS 4.2.1 on iPhone 4.
  14. A

    Acer support drivers

    Hello. In Yahoo Messenger 11, I get a black screen when I turn on the webcam. Audio and Video set-up is correct. The Crystal Eye Camera was detected and I see my image. But when I open the webcam on Yahoo Messenger, I see a black screen. I use an Acer Aspire 5910 laptop, operating system Windows...
  15. J

    Solved! Windows CE 6.0

    Hello, I have a netbook with windows CE 6.0 but am unable to download Skype or Yahoo messenger on it. As I bought the thing to use on holidays to keep in contact with my family, it seems I have wasted my money. I am a complete technophobe, so any suggestions (in words of 1 syllable preferably)...
  16. G


    Hello, hi how i can on my cam on yahoo messenger
  17. J

    Solved! Why does my yahoo messenger keep signing me out

    my yahoo messenger keeps signing me out and i have to reboot my pc to get it back
  18. J

    Logitech webcam on yahoo messenger

  19. N

    Solved! Microphone not working

    Hello, can some one help me out,i cant have a voice chat on yahoo messenger with my laptop, because the microphone seems not to be working
  20. A

    Yahoo Messenger

    Program starts for about 15-30 seconds then quits without shown error. Reinstall of Messenger doesn't repair the problem.
  21. codebreak

    Yahoo! Messenger & IE Yahoo Login ERROR

    Hey guys... Very recently (within this last month) Yahoo Messenger (Whatever the LATEST 9.0 version is) has been giving me a Login Error. It tells me that Yahoo cannot log me in at this time and for me to try back later and then gives me an error code (which I cannot remember because I have...
  22. H

    Yahoo messenger status spy software

    hi there I used to check may yahoo buddies' yahoo messenger status using Buddyspy, but it's been maybe 2 years or more since that software practically didn't work...whatever version I tried, it would show me as online persons which I knew for sure they were offline...or the other way round...
  23. G

    Pocket messengers

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I've got a dell axim x50, is there a pocket messenger that I can use for Yahoo messenger? Sorry, I'm a new guy.