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    Xperia Z1 Sudden Decrases in Battery

    I have been using my xperia Z1 for 20 months. I was very happy with my phone but in these days battery goes crazy. Battery level drops suddenly when everything looks OK. Besides this, normally I got a screen time of 3 or 4 hours, this time is also decrased to 2 hours. I attached a report of my...
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    How do I get Sony Xperia Z1 to communicate via the com port? I need to be able to enter AT Commands via Putty or Hyperterminal

    I downloaded the Xperia_Z1_SO-01F_driver from Sony and also got the Sony PC Companion neither of them helped me detect the com port on my Win 7 PC but I am able to view the files in my Z1. Ironically I tried to detect the device on an other Win 7 without installing Xperia_Z1_SO-01F_driver or...