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    My laptop zap my wrist when touching metal part!

    My laptop is Dell Inspiron 17 7567 (i5 version), still under warranty until this november. Some parts of my laptop that made out of metal could zap my hand randomly whenever i charge. The metal speaker that is directly below my left hand, could randomly electrocute my wrist when i play games or...
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    Laptop starts zapping me, what could cause it?

    Hi there, I have a laptop which is now roughly 6 years old, and I have changed the hard drive twice, once to another hard drive because the old one died (probably because of heat), and the second time about a month ago to an SSD. Since about 6 months, I had a message pop up on windows 7 that...
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    Solved! Static shock broken speaker

    Hello, i had my robe on, touched my sound bar... felt a zap, then the sound went. The sound bar still works, still comes on, powers ipod, just no sound. Did i short it out. HELP!!!