Question 14" Laptop advice for college student, all purpose, video editing, etc., on a budget

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Sep 13, 2021
Trying to find the sweet spot of performance/value/durability for my daughter starting college.
She has been gifted an $800 budget.

Durable, high performance, use for 4-5 years.
Windows 10/11, Current i5/i7 or AMD Ryzen processor
Prefer 14" due to nice screen size/portability
16GB RAM, 512 GB HD preferred
Bright screen
Backlit keyboard
Will be used for normal college stuff (internet, Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and some video editing (Premiere Pro)
Good selection of ports

Having trouble finding the sweet spot on this one. Looking at a 15.6" Envy x360 $799 at Costco now but it is heavier than she would like.

Appreciate any inputs/guidance/advice.
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