14 or 15.6 inch laptop

Jun 2, 2018
im a student but dont need to take the computer with me too much until now. which screen size you think is better to take to be my main pc?
my uses are intenet,office and that kind of thing. i never bought a laptop so need advice for the screen size.
this will be my main computer also!


May 21, 2018

When considering screen size alone, the choice mainly comes down to personal preference. However, to achieve smaller sized laptops, manufacturers will forgo features such as a numeric keypad, a full sized keyboard, and or limit port selection. Of course there are dongles such as USB to HDMI or VGA and USB connected numeric keypads, but these are more items that need to be carried around with you. And of course will take up a USB port when used.

I would first recommend to determine which ports you will need and then go to either an electronics or computer store with laptops on display. There, you can view and experience the different screen sizes while also try out the varying keyboards to see which are most comfortable for you to type on.

A couple things to consider;
1. If you type in multiple languages, type a lot of numbers and or special characters then a numeric keypad is essential. This is because without the keypad, you will have to use other means such as Windows' on-screen keyboard which has limited functionality and practicality or have a USB connected numeric keypad. Many 15" do not come with numeric keypads as well.

2. If you will be or believe you will be using your laptop for presentations, having an HDMI and or VGA port integrated into the laptop will be quite convenient as you will not have to make sure you have the right dongles with you.

In general, I say the 15" will most likely offer the best visual and functional value. But in the end, it mostly comes down to personal preference, comfort and need.



If you can afford to spend $510, you can get the best of both worlds.

Below is a link to an Asus laptop that has a 15.6" screen, however because it has very thin bezels around the screen the size is closer to that of a 14" laptop. It also has a low power quad core i5-8250u CPU. It is one of the lighter laptops with a 15.6" screen; weighs in at 3.7lbs. While the i5-8250u can burst up to 3.4GHz it does not do so very often because it is a 15w CPU. Based on reviews, most of the time it will be running at around 2.4GHz and only burst up to 3.4GHz if the CPU is not running too hot.

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