$250-$525 business laptop for startup employees

Jul 9, 2019
I'm looking to buy Windows 10 laptops for startup employees with limited budget. Primary use will be Microsoft office apps, and access to ERP/accounting apps.
I'm considering a 250 USD budget (buying straight from wholesalers) and options are HP 255 G6 or HP 245 G5, or Lenovo IdeaPad 130. I'll probably pay to upgrade ram to 8GB on whichever model we obtain.
Which of the 3 do you suggest? And am I shooting my self in the foot by getting these models instead of increasing the budget to 525 and getting a Lenovo E570 (or E470) instead?


For used systems, best models would be Lenovo T models, more reliable than the HPs or IdeaPad models. If you can find them with solid state drives even better. In my years of experience with them the only thing that fails with any type of regularity is the drive, which happens in all systems at the same rate pretty much.

T430s models with a 120 gb SSD and 8 GB of RAM should be $200 in very good shape, with a few more dollars for a docking station. T440,450 will be in the $200-300 range.