4K video camera for YT?

Jul 6, 2018

I am looking for some advice on buying a video camera.

I have a youtube channel about squash. I'm not sure of the policy of posting links, but if you go to Youtube and search for CoachPhillipNet, you should find me

I would like to improve the quality of production and have recently purchased a Tascam DR-10L to record the sound and feel the time is right to move into 4K video.

The sound has always been a serious issue for me and hopefully the Tascam will help. One other issue I have is that I do all the recording myself with no helpers.

SInce I am going to be uploading to YT, I knwo the quality will drop but I may offer direct downlaods of the full-quality files for a small fee.

The court where I record is quite poorly lit and I may have to invest in some portable LED lighting too.

My budget is up to 1000 Euros, but I am hoping to spend a lot less. if you can convince me to spend near the 1000 Euros mark, I will have to wait until early next year.

Currently, I am using an action camera, a Hawkeye Firefly 7s and my old iPhone with lav mic and syncing them post production.

Most of the videos are short segments but I like the idea of being able to record for quite a while.

The camera will be mounted on tripod and is unlikely to be needed to be carried.

What adcive would you give for me, bearing in mind that I see the camera as a tool and am not particularly interested in videography or photography?

Onto my specific questions:
1. Since I record alone, would having a screen on a camcorder be enough of a reason to select that over a DSLR

2. I like the idea of being able to change lens witha DSLR but have no experience in photography and am unsure how that would benefit me. Is that useful for me?

3. I can buy a Panasonic 4K camcorder for as little as 350 Euros. Since I have such a specialised need, would this be acceptable?

4. Is there any particular camera that seems suited to indoor shooting with the kind of lighting I have?

Thank you
Jul 6, 2018

Thank you for your reply.

It's certainly not a camera I have seen before and at first I was very interested. However, I feel I am paying for the size. I don't need a small camera and would prefer something bigger. I am also worried that with no knowledge of photography the extra expense of lenses would be wasted.

I love the fact it can record at proper 4K but am worried that the recording time might be limited to 29 minutes.

I feel that having the monitor that I can see when I am recording myself might be the key factor for going with a camcorder.

Jul 6, 2018
I mean, I like the idea of the E1 but without somebody helping me with the lenses, I worry I'd get it all wrong.

Thanks for the links. I believe I have viewed them all already but I have no idea what I should be focusing on. I am tempted to simply get the Panasonic HC-VX870K as it is significantly cheaper than the rest and set what happens.

For example, it's only 349 pounds: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Panasonic-HC-VX870EB-K-Camcorder-Wireless-Camera/dp/B00S9BDA5Y/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1530974939&sr=1-4&keywords=HC-VX870
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