8 Reasons Why Apple Should Fear HP/Palm

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It is now 8/23/2011 and the result is that Apple came out on top.

Apple did not fear HP, Apple just did Apple and won.

Are you going to write an article title 8 reasons why you got it wrong?


And, nooooow where do we stand with these great epiphanies...? Just shows how much some people really know... Or, are just looking for blog hits...


well-- HP is abandoning webos and making smartphones and pcs!! I guess Devin Connors was wrong! OOPS!!


Jan 14, 2009
How did I lose all credibility by writing this article?

This article was written while Mark Hurd was the CEO of HP. He was behind the acquisition, and he believed in Palm and WebOS. He resigned about two months after the acquisition, well after this article was written.

A new CEO means new ideas, and it also means spurning ideas of old. If I had known somehow that HP would be under new management after the Palm acquisition, this article probably wouldn't have happened. But, and here's the shocker, nobody knew that a CEO change was coming because it had very little to do with HP's business and was more about internal politics (and the whole sexual harassment probe). If Hurd has stayed on as CEO, I have the utmost confidence that the fate of WebOS would be different than what played out over the last week.

Devin Connors
Senior Editor, Tom's Guide
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