8000X motorola brick phone will work today?

I wouldn't think so, as those phones used an older cellular technology to operate (TDMA). Pretty sure there is no legacy support for TDMA based phones on either CDMA or GSM networks. Plus, those things gave out a lot of radiation, at least in comparison to modern phones.


Dec 22, 2010

the old phone were phazed out because of 2 reasons, first the technology got alot better, ( however nextel still uses 800mhz )
the main reason they were phazed out is because they were not E-911 capable. the laws changed and required all new phones to have a GPS chip built in them so when you call 911 they can locate you. ( you can turn that feature off in most newer phones)
i`ve heard that they still use these old phones in Canada out in some of the remote areas where a regular phone just wont cut it. the brick phones will put out almost a full watt of power, and the old bag phones would do 5 watts.
The range these phone would get is awesome, but the battery's run down fast.