a beep sound while starup


Jun 23, 2011
A lot of computers will give a singular chirp or beep after performing the POST, signifying all is well. Any other beep or combination of beeps indicates an error of the computer during the POST. Is this beep a new noise? Assuming this is a new noise, and with the start up repair option repeatedly coming up, I do believe you have a HDD that is in the process of failing.

The only way to be certain is to test the HDD. You can test the HDD, but testing the HDD will stress the HDD and cause it to fail completely if it is going bad. Start with getting all of your important data copied to an external HDD (flash/thumb drive doesn't count, they fail way too easily). Then perform a HDD test using a HDD test program (free) from any of the manufacturers of HDDs (Western Digital, Seagate). If you get any errors performing the test (surface scan long), replace the HDD and reinstall windows. If the HDD scan comes back clean, it could possibly be a memory or mainboard issue, which would require further testing.