A couple questions about the center channel

Mar 16, 2018
im putting together an entertainment sound system for my apartment. I'm a gaming enthusiast so it has a Pc with a Sound Blaster Z as the 5.1 source while using existing components. Ok my questions: Could I use my Polk Sound bar with sub as a center channel as I already own it and it's not currently in use? Why or why not? I also own an Altec Lansing 1407a 75watt rms mono amplifier if I had to buy a passive center channel speaker would this mono amp be usable? Why or why not? thank you
You could use it as a center channel by splitting the center channel output of the PC and connecting that to the aux input on the soundbar. If the sub has a wired input you could connect that to the subwoofer out of the PC. If you connect it to the soundbar you won't hear it since the center channel out doesn't have any bass in a 5.1 system.
You could certainly use the amp to drive any passive center channel. Get one that is voiced to match your front left and right speakers if possible.
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