Solved! A gaming laptop around 1000 € with a good ips display and reliable cooling system


Sep 9, 2017
Hello everyone,

for quite some time I've been browsing around to choose a laptop but I just can't find the combo I'm looking for at this price tag. I need three things. A good matte IPS panel (not 4k) with a decent color accuracy (highly preferably a 17 inch model), a fairly well built body (and chassis) with a comfortable keyboard for both gaming and typing and last but not least, a reliable cooling system so that the unit doesn't fry in 2 years. I need it for content creation (video editing) and casual gaming (low demanding titles like League of legends, Path of exile, CS:GO). So far I've liked couple of laptops but they all come up short with something.

Lenovo Legion Y530 - poor screen (around 50 % sRGB)
Acer Helios 300 - ugly with way too many complaints of running hot
couple of MSI models - none covering my triple combo
Asus ROG GL503VD - now this one comes closest since the screen is a win but it doesn't have a 17.3 model and it runs a 1050 at this price tag ( I can live with the 1050 but I prefer to find a 17 inch laptop)

The specs I'm looking for are:

GPU: 1050ti, but I would settle for a 1050 if I have all the reasons to.
CPU: here I'm looking for an 8th gen Intel core 7
Upgradables don't really matter, as long as I have access and can actually upgrade them (DDR4, HDD, SSD)

Things I don't care for:

A comfortable trackpad
Slim design
Light design
Wild RGB keybord
Quiet fans
Certain material preferences
Thunderbolt port
Amazing battery life



Jan 11, 2018
At that price, it would be difficult to find something with a 'good' display.
How you should prioritise:
1) Processor - for your editing purposes at least i7-8750H
2) GPU - For the titles you suggested, 1050 would be sufficient
3) Cooling - It would be very difficult to actually fry a 105/1050ti. The problem is with 1060 and above.
4) Display size and quality - At the 1000euro price bracket, very difficult to find a 'good' display in a gaming laptop. Buy the cheapest that meets the above 3 conditions (you can probably get them for under 1000euro), then buy a monitor. It will help so much for your editing work


Sep 9, 2017

But its not truly impossible to find one with a good screen. The Asus i mentioned has a pretty decent panel. Have in mind that I do have a good external monitor, so I m not looking for a high tier screen, I just want good color representation and a pleasant experience looking at it, not a professional one. Anything above 80 sRGB does it for me. I know it's not all there is for it to be a good screen but that's what I m looking for.
Edit: I'm not saying that a 1050 will fry, I just like machines that run cool, or at least reasonably cool.
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