"A" key fell off?


Nov 12, 2013
My laptop key, the a button, fell off today due to the fact that it seemed to be jammed and i rather foolishly removed the key to try and sort it out. Now i can usually get them back in just by clicking them back in, though this time everything has come out and all that is left is the white thing (sorry if this is hard to understand but I'm finding it difficult to word) that actually is used to make the letter come up. I THINK I have the lenovo B series though to be honest i am unsure. Though the keyboard looks the same. The a key, while i can still use it does need the actual key (showing the a) in it as i play a fair few games which require it. Would you reccomend I get a new key from a website? Or try and put it back together? Yet again sorry if this is hard to understand but I'm not sure how to word this. :/