Question A lightweight ultra-portable laptop to take on a trek in Nepal


Apr 19, 2016
I'm not up to speed on the latest tech with laptops, so I could use some help.

I need to take a laptop with me to Nepal and it needs to be as light as possible because of the arduous nature of the trekking I'll be doing there, so I wanted to keep it to around 3lb or less. I was thinking of the Acer Swift 1 as it fits the bill in most respects except for performance. All I basically need from the laptop is to keep up with my writing while I'm away, be SSD-based because I'm not sure how much rough handling a hard-drive can take on this trip (I'm taking along an external SSD drive as backup) and be able to handle some basic photo work on Photoshop so I can check out my work each day. As far as the latter is concerned I know the computer isn't rated for the latest in Photoshop, but I do have older versions of the program as far back as version 4 that might go easier on the laptop, besides which I only need to check the jpeg files each day - the RAW files can wait till I get home, as can the video work. I was also going to upgrade the SSD to 500Gb, and maybe the RAM as well if the laptop will let me.

I'm open to other suggestions but the price has to be no more than around $400 - this trip is costing me an arm and a leg as I'll be away for four months, and I've already spent a lot upgrading my camera gear for the trip.

Thanks in advance