A10-4600M w/ 7670M vs. i7 3610QM w/ GT640M


May 3, 2012
I've created two customized laptops through two online vendors, the machines have similar specs (RAM, HD, screen size and res, etc) aside from the CPU and GPU pairings noted above.
The prices are immaterially different.
I plan to use the laptop primarily for gaming - Diablo 3, CS:GO, and Civ V. I realize neither device will excel at this and i will have to reduce res and/or settings to accheive proper framerates, my question is, which pair will provide the best gaming experience? I know crossfire between the integrated 7660g and the discrete 7670m is somewhat spotty currently, what are the prospects of this being optimized in the future?


Apr 6, 2012
Here's a pretty good breakdown of how the A10 does in gaming:

My opinion is that if you ignore Civ5, I would go for the AMD, but Civ5 is pretty abusive to CPUs, and in that particular game I would expect the i7 to have a solid lead over the A10 as far as 'playability' (though on the other hand, that game will eventually bring any computer to it's knees once your game has gone long enough :) )

edit: After looking a little closer at my own link, and rethinking my comment. The i7 is probably the better choice, the A10 is a marginal CPU, with a good IGP, but the IGP will only help you if crossfire support between the IGP and dedicated GPU somehow improves; the i7 a more powerful CPU with an equally capable GPU, you won't be able to pair the GPUs ever, but the sure thing seems like a better bet.