Accessing a broken Asus t100 - screen and keyboard broken

Mar 22, 2018
Laptop keyboard not connecting to screen, touch screen broken, how do I access it? I don't have another mouse or keyboard enabled for this machine, but do have another lap-top. The old laptop is password protected of course.



Through the micro USB port, a keyboard should "just work".



This is an Asus Transformer, with detachable keyboard?

It will work as a tablet. But since the screen is broken, you're out of luck there.

Sounds like it is time for the recycle bin.


Sep 16, 2010

If you want to continue using this tablet or recover data on the solid state drive

you have a micro usb socket (normally used by the 5V power supply )
you can get adapters from micro usb (male) to standard usb (female)

Then connect a USB hub to the micro USB (power in) and connect a usb keyboard & usb mouse to the hub.

Mike Barnes
Mar 22, 2018

Hi Mike,
Many thanks. Won't the keyboard and mouse need to be configured to the tablet before I can enter the password? If so, can I use the easy access button to get in?




Through the micro USB port, a keyboard should "just work".
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