Review Acer Aspire 5 Review

Nov 13, 2020
I have had this computer for over two years, and here is what I know so far. The graphics for this computer are amazing and perfect HD. The only complaint I have about the graphics is that the brightness does not go up as high as I would want it to be. But I find the graphics more of a pro than a con. For the audio of this laptop there are two parts to it. If you have any second device connected, depending on the device, the audio can be very precise. I have a regular headset and the audio has good bass, and the sound quality is great. If you don't have a connected audio device the audio will not be as loud, when you play it through the regular speakers. It also greatly reduces sound quality. I have noticed a few things performance wise as well. It seems to load any webpage relatively quickly, and has decent overall speed, but nothing crazy. Anything you do on this computer always feels clean and smooth. The mousepad is also very good and has a smooth feel to it. It comes with an HDMI port on the side, and two USB ports, including a headphone jack. Startup and shutdown is surprisingly fast for this computer. It will turn on in less that 20 seconds and will be ready to go. One bad thing about the snooze button is that sometimes it will glitch out and not turn back on until you hard restart it by holding down the power button. Another nice feature is that the keyboard lights up whenever it senses activity. That is about it. Let me know if this helped you at all.
  1. If you're going to write reviews, make them about current hardware. No one is going to go out looking for a two year old laptop.
  2. Also, you need to detail the specifications of the hardware (CPU, Graphics, RAM, Screen Size and resolution, etc...) you're reviewing. You don't want your readers leaving your review to look them up. They may never come back.

-Wolf sends