Acer Aspire E 14 my laptop don't charge anymore


Jul 27, 2017
I can't charge my laptop as of now, and I can't turn it on because my battery is on critical. My battery also is non-removable. Should I go a technician? We have no any Acer Stores in our town. I can't also search it in the internet on how to fix this problem, some says that my battery should be replace. But sadly I have no idea on how to remove it. It's non-removable. Please Help me. "Acer Aspire E14"
Could be a faulty charger, could be a bad battery, may even be the charging port or motherboard. First thing to test the easy stuff, try another charger, make sure it's not wiggling or looser than it used to be in the system. Unless you put in the wrong model, the E 14 has an easily removable battery. that is the battery for the E14, it clicks to the rear of the laptop.