Acer aspire one 725 laptop won't turn on but turn on when plugged in and when battery is charged


Apr 13, 2017
Hi everyone, so the problem is not as simple as you may think. My acer aspire one 725 laptop was working fine until about a week ago. The issues are as follows
1. Laptop won't turn on even if battery is fully charged. ( battery is fine btw). It won't actually turn on when I plug in the power cable either but if I plug in my phone to the usb port, voila, it works, but not always though. I should mention that this isn't a serious issue as the laptop always turns on after fiddling with it for a minute.
2. The battery dies overnight even if I've shut down the laptop completely.
I should add that the usb ports remain powered even after shut down. This was not the case before the above problems started. The usb ports always lost power after shutdown before.
3. The one and only usb 3.0 port on the laptop is no longer working. It doesn't connect any device to the laptop nor does it charge my phone. Its just dead.ive tried reinstalling drivers but to no avail. Im thinking this may have something to do with whats going on.
I'm hoping someone can help diagnose the issue from the above symptoms.
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