Acer laptop cracked screen factory reset won’t show on the screen again


Nov 25, 2017
Hi I have an acer laptop (if you need the type of acer laptop please ask) that has a broken screen and I’ve used the HDMI tv technique for a long time and basically I’ve used the computer like it wasn’t even broken but i guess I got a virus at some point and really wanted just clear it because the virus was on it and every 5 minutes or so, it would turn off so I factory reset it and the screen turned off and back on so I let it do what ever it was doing because i don’t know what’s it doing due to the cracked screen and not on the tv. It took more than 2 hours and did nothing. So I powered it off(holder the power button) and turned it back on to see if it was something. So hours of waiting it never showed on the tv and I don’t know if it’s broken or just I need to click something but I can’t! If so how do I either repair it(not fixing the screen I mean like system) so I can see the screen or log in!

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