Acer Laptop Freezing at startup


May 14, 2013
My acer aspire 5750z began acting weird last night. I came back from the store and clicked the button to close McAffe's annoying reminders to update their software, and upon doing so the computer went really slow. All the icons and start menu then dissapeared.

I had to force a shutdown manually and when the computer loaded up I type in my password and the computer is now just stuck in a loading phase and at a certain point freezes.

I tried going in safe mode, it runs fine there, but it shows my sound is not working nor do I have any internet connection.

I got the computer only 6 months ago this is very frustrating.

I saw something on a site that a fix to this problem may be taking out the battery and pressing the power button for a minute but I do not know how to take the battery out. There are no switches or anything, this is very frustrating.

Does anyone know what this could be or how to fix it.


When in Safe Mode have you tried disabling the McAfee service? Try that and see if makes a difference. One way to disable it is to run MSCONFIG. Click on Start, type msconfig and press enter. Look under Startup and then under Services to find the McAffe service and remove the check beside it to disable it. You can also disable other services and items in Startup that you don't use (want) but be careful. If you aren't sure what it is then you may want to do a Google search before disabling it.

Robert Malone

May 16, 2013

I'll second that. I was working on a brand new Inspiron the other day which froze 4-5 minutes after launching Windows - the problem went away like magic when I uninstalled McAfee. But yeah, try just disabling McAfee first, if you've actually paid for it!

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