Acer Nitro Black Edition WiFi Issues


Aug 26, 2012
Technical info:
Model: Aser Aspire VN7-591G-70RT
WiFi Card: Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4

Hey guys, so I recently bought this laptop back in September 2015, and it's not connecting to the internet anymore. It uses a Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4 Network Card which I've heard is riddled with issues on Windows 10. And while I may not be the master PC software, I know quite a bit after fixing them for years.

I'll take you through all the steps I took when it stopped working:
1. Rebooted the pc to see if it was a program I had opened that went haywire.
2. I checked the Device Manager to see if it's an issue with drivers. Didn't find the network card in the menu (nor was it under "Show Hidden Devices")
3. Manually installed the drivers. Still doesn't show up under Device Manager
4. Opened up laptop (Doesn't void warranty) and the card was still in place, not visible damage done.
5. Reset PC to factory settings
*Now at this point it started working again, for about 2 days.
6. I retried the whole process, but this time, it failed

At this point it's starting to really irritate me. I talked to Acer Customer support which told me to just update my drivers "Duh", then told me to send it to their repair facility. I talked to them again, and said that they would replace the card. I have heard from others that all the Atheros cards are the problem, not just mine.

So I'm wondering if its worth it to pay the 40 dollars shipping charges, or to replace the card my self to an Intel or other network card for the same price. I'm not a big fan of sending my 1000 laptop through the mail when I don't want to pay the 150$ "insurance fee" Canada Post wants to add on.

If you can think of a card I can replace it with, let me know (Canadian website please). Or if you know the fix for this issue, you'd be a godsend. Thanks!

Edit: found This unless anyone knows of any issues with this card too..


Aug 26, 2012

You are a gentleman and a scholar. It works for the mean time, hopefully I don't come across any additional issues
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