ACER P238 travail mate is it any good

Sam mainman

Jul 2, 2014
hi guys I was looking to get a used small laptop and I found a brand new ACER P238 at a great price only 250$ it has
- Intel® Core™ i5-6200U.
- Screen size : 13.3 "
- 500 GB HDD.
- 4 GB ram.
the specs are perfect were I am there is no way I could get a better deal even on a used laptop the only problem is that this device is an Acer travail mate if it was an Aspire it would have been great but since its a travail mate am a bit hesitant cause they had bad products in the past and the series was not relabel,
so my question, is this still true and am I better getting a used third or second generation I5 from another brand , guys please don't suggest other products just give info about the travail mate series and this model in particular. thanks
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