Acer Spin 7 - refusing warranty repair due to "water damage"


May 31, 2017
I purchased a Spin 7 convertable laptop from Costco in October 2016, which I have absolutely loved for its size and beautiful screen. We had only used the machine a few times, but it had always worked flawlessly. I even recommended the same machine to several friends. A few weeks ago, the machine ran out of battery power in the middle of a BIOS update (even though the battery level indicator had not indicated low battery). I was there when it happened. (There is a known issue with this model of computer shutting down unexpectedly due to incorrect battery level indication, which ironically the BIOS update is supposed to correct.)

I sent the machine to Acer thinking they would simply repair the issue and send it back to me. To my utter shock, the repair depot is stating that the unit has "liquid damage" and is refusing to cover any repairs. I know for a fact that this machine has NEVER been dropped in water or has had anything spilled on it. They sent a few pictures documenting the alleged damage, including a picture of the battery, a picture of the inside of the case, and two pictures of the motherboard. The plastic cover of the battery have some strange splotchy marks, and the motherboard pictures show a couple of miniscule splotches. I don't know what caused them other than potential condensation at some point or a manufacturing defect, but I am dismayed that I now have a nearly $1,200 boat anchor. Basically Acer's position is that if, in their sole determination, they can find a single splotch with appears to them to be caused by "liquid" or even condensation, they will nullify your warranty and refuse all repairs, even if totally unrelated.

I am also shocked that Acer tells me I'm out of luck, and the only option Acer gave me was to replace the entire machine at "their" price (about $1100) even though the same machine was recently on sale at Costco for $699. I strongly sense that Acer is using the claim of "water damage" to refuse to repair a legitimate and unrelated issue and I'm being unfairly accused of damage that I did not cause. I am in the process of escalating the issue with Costco corporate relations. I am very shocked at the level of indifference from Acer and unwillingness to do anything other than leave me holding the bag, and now feel sorry that I had recommended this brand to several close friends.

If anyone has any other suggestions and/or thoughts, I'd be appreciative. Thanks.



Apr 2, 2016
Acer is a budget brand they also have terrible service, they sell throwaway laptops basically. Lenovo on the other hand has been reliable for me, they broke a laptop during repair Accidentally cut a wire for the wifi chip, and replace the entire motherboard and paid shipping both ways.

Acer also screwed me over with a dead battery replacement.

I would recommend that you basically give them a negative BBB review, costco wont be much help.
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