Nov 7, 2012
Correct me if I am mistaken but I see this is a 'support' forum that focuses on answering Acer owners problems? Though I understand they may have queries, such as 'How Do I get this to work?" or "Why Is this not a MacBook Pro" or "Do you know where I can purchase a MacBook Pro?". I can appreciate how many questions you must be asked and the effort involved.

I remember one time my girlfriend of the time (Who was without thumb) tried to give me a hand-job and we were both left disappointed and stressed. I had to spend several hours extensively explaining why she was a pitiful human being who didn't deserve opposable thumbs. After that I used my MacBook Pro to search for sites explaining how a disfigured person can sexually pleasure their partner. One suggested using a bag to add a sense of mystery and to maybe initiate the situation unbeknownst to the partner. Since I am a proactive person and all-around nice guy I decided to initiate this myself. I snuck into her house with a bag, I only had plastic bags from Tesco which caused her breathing problems when I put the bag on her head as she slept. She took the bag off immediately and told me to leave. So I can relate to your current professional state.

I have a solution to your current profession problem. Instead of explaining how to repair Acer laptops, why not close Acer down, recall all Acer products and open an Apple store? I believe this would be a fruitful venture and you may even see me visiting your store as a customer, but I doubt it as I will know that you used to sell Acers. You could use the raw material from Acer products to construct a large statue of the Apple logo and try to exhibit it at an art gallery. Though I doubt they will accept it as they will know it was constructed from Acer Products.