Solved! Acoustic Solutions Led Constant Flashing


Sep 30, 2020
Hi my 10 years old 42" Acoustic solutions model
lcd42761f1080p just over the past year has been acting up a bit, first when I turned it on the led would flash, but then stop I would press the remote and it would come on, but sometimes this would fail and I would disconnect the power leave for a minute turn it on first from the power button on the TV, press the remote and it would come back on, I just put up with this carry on because it had gave me ten good years lol.

though just in the last two months its gotten slightly worse, it's working fine then all of a sudden just turns off, then flashing blue led and now it takes ages to fart about and get the ah heck back on, I now know exactly when it will come back on, when I press the TV power button there is a distinct sound inside the TV, like something is kicking in and turning on and I know the majority of the time it will eventually come on, the led may flash a few times but then it stops, I press the remote and it will come on, or it will flash again, but eventually it gets there, the only time I know it won't play ball is when the led constantly flashes, then there's no way it's coming on hope you get the picture, no pun intended.

I'm kind of getting fed up now and I'm ready to launch it lol, and now I've done some googling, and seen some threads and a couple of videos with guys baking there lg motherboard in the oven, obviously mines is not lg but I'm thinking of giving it a try nothing to lose really, but before I do I would like to find out if this problem, is caused by the main motherboard, or the PSU, and I don't know if you can bake the PSU lol, I've looked for replacement boards but not had much luck so far.

so any help from someone who has had a similar problem with this TV, or any other TV and has found a solution, Thanks.