Adblock Plus v UBlock Origin

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You should definitely use an ad blocker of some sort.

I've used both those two in Firefox (though not together of course).

Adblock Plus began to give me a few problems after Firefox updated it, so I removed it & switched to uBblock Origin.

I've been using uBlock for 2 years now with no issues at all. It also blocks stuff which Adblock Plus was annoyingly letting through.

So from those two I'd definitely say uBlock Origin is the one to choose.


Dec 17, 2012

I use both. They don't conflict with eachother anyways. Ublock is the better of the 2 as it has more options but sometimes it can let a pop-up through. Adblock also has the same problem and since I started running both I would only get pop-ups anymore when I clicked on a hidden button on a site or something. (since it's a user input it's not flagged as a unwanted page).

Math Geek

obvious difference is that adblock decided to allow companies to pay them and not be blocked. clearly this is going to let stuff through it should be blocking.

for that reason alone, ublock is the way to go. it does not let folks pay to let their ads through.

there are things that ublock let's through that adblock did not though, so it is a trade off. for instance those annoying video ads that follow you around the articles here on tom's. adblock did not show me any of those at all. i did not even know they were on the site until so many started complaining about them. ublock does not load the video but it still let's the little screen chase me around the site.
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