Adding wireless speakers to surround


Dec 9, 2014
Help. I have an onkyo surround sound system (wired, non-bluetooth) and usually either plug my ipod/phone/ipad into the aux input left/right and can play everything through my house. (And btw, I have the two lines of speakers and the second is hardwired to my outside deck already). Or, I can use a bluetooth transmitter, attach to the same aux input, and synch it to my iphone or ipad and play music through my house without physically connecting any device. So now I want to ADD wireless speakers to play in my kitchen at a party and got the two jam stereo speakers. When my device (iphone/ipad) is hooked to the aux input and I bluetooth the device to the new speakers, the stereo shuts off and the wireless speakers play. I can't use the bluetooth transmitter because I can only bluetooth my phone/ipad to EITHER the wireless speakers OR the transmitter hooked to my stereo. Without using Sonos connect (too expensive), how in the world can get music through the aux/stereo and the wireless together?
If you connect your phone to the receiver aux input directly and add a bluetooth transmitter to the record out of the receiver you can get both to play at the same time. You would not use the bluetooth in the phone at this time.