Administrator Mode Issue


Aug 29, 2015
I was trying to reinstall a steam game I had previously uninstalled. However, when the download was at the end, there was an error message about program files being locked. I uninstalled the game, and checked the Program Files (x86). The old files were still there, so I tried to delete them. I did not have permission to delete the files. When I tried to give myself permission, it had an error message and wouldn't give me permission. So, I tried to put myself in administrator mode to delete the files. I used the command prompt to activate the account, and chose the account from the start menu. It went through a very long reboot process, and at the end it presented me with the start screen, where I could choose between my account and administrator. I signed in as administrator, but when it loaded up, all there was was a black screensaver, the recycle bin icon, and the bottom row with no icons. Clicking the start button did nothing. I tried to hard restart, but when it loaded up it automatically started logging me in with the administrator account. When it booted up, all I got was a black screen. Help for all of these problems would be greatly appreciated. I'm on Windows 10 using an Asus K501ux laptop.

Update:After sitting in the black screen for a while, all of a sudden it booted up. I was able to delete the file I needed to. However, the start button still does not work, and I cannot switch profiles. I'm afraid to hard restart. how do I get back to my regular account?
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