Question Advantages of iPhone Over Android, What do you think?

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Jun 3, 2019
If anyone wondering what are the advantages of iOS, why would someone choose iOS iPhone over Android smartphone, here are some reasons.
But first of all:
I don't wanna say that Android is bad in any way - it's a good OS and deserves its a success.
All I can say are my personal pros from iOS over Android.

Here we go:
1.) Privacy. -every Google product (doesn't matter how great it is) is made to generate money from user data.
2.) Software support. -iPhones/iPads get support up to you 5years. Android for around 18 months.
3.) Security updates. -iPhones always get their patches directly pushed from Apple, for Android, it depends (if they get some) on the hardware maker.
4.) Power management. -iOS is way more energy efficient than Android.
5.) Quality software integration. For OS itself and 3rd party apps.
6.) Way less fragmentation over time.
7.) iOS backup/restore options in combination with iTunes.
8.) Hardware is from ground up designed for iOS. -which makes iPhones that efficient and fast.
9.) Apple has a stricter quality control over apps and their developers.
10.) How seamlessly it works with other Apple products.

So, these were my PERSONAL points on why I use iOS over Android.
So guys, what do you think? Did I miss anything?
You also need to think about the rest of the devices a person uses. If their main computer is Windows, and they already use things like gmail, google docs, have their stuff backed up to Google Photos, etc... then Android would be better for them. Also most people like to change their phones way before support for their old device ends.
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