Affordable video editing laptop with good display

Jun 1, 2018
Looking for an affordable slim & portable 14" or 15" laptop with a good color accurate display with a good color gamut. Already did A LOT of research, but still couldn't find the right laptop within my budget. My buget is around € 1000,- ($1175).

I prefer an i7 processor and could start with 8GB of RAM, but must be upgradable. I think an SSD with a minimum of 256 storage would do. Combination with HDD would be nice or just more SSD storage. Also want a didicated graphics card and then the display..

I already found quite some laptops that fit these requirements, but then the screen only has 40% sRGB for example. I already did quite some research and I think 75% sRGB would be minimum? I also don't know how a mat or glossy screen will affect the video (and photo) editing experience and results. I would like to hear your thoughts about this.

I think the budget is reasonable and it should be doable to find the right laptop. Other requirements:
- backlit keyboard
- USB 3.1 type C
- Cardreader would be nice
- Full HDMI 2.0 port would be nice