Alienware 13 or MBP for gaming and design?


Jan 23, 2015
Hi Everybody.

I´m planning to buy a laptop. First of all i wanted a gaming laptop to play Starcraft 2, since my old laptop is really slow when battle rises with more than 2 people, even with the lowest options. So I searched and really like the new Alienware 13, is less heavier than the other ones, has and option of touchscreen, I think I can play SC2 withouts problems and I hope with full graphics.

The thing is that i also want it for my every day activities, and since I'm an architect I use autocad, revit, lumion, 3Dmax, photoshop and so on. And I don´t know how well alienware 13 performs for rendering so I´m thinking now in buying a macbookpro.
Also my budget is really low is just about $1.3k so It will mostly be with the basic features for both laptops.

So which is better since in the end i want it for both design and gaming?


Nov 11, 2006
My goodness, certainly not a macbook. Have you considered any other manufacturers that aren't overpriced? MSI, Asus, Sagar . . .

For example if you look at the site you can see the SAGER NP8268 with a GTX 970 in it with an i7... throw a pile of RAM in there with a nice fast drive or SSD and you'd be at your 1300 with one beastly machine.