Amazon Rumored to Be Working on Ouya-like Game Console

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Jun 1, 2006
and as for hiring all those people the game industry is on a verge of another collapse (i've been following for about 30 years) because corporate american kept releasing the same rehashed junk. At 60 bucks a pop people are tired of it. What started as kids in a garage is now near impossible and OUYA brings that dream back to life. Ouya has an SDK, where is the Amazon one?

This "next gen" is just PC technology that will be outdated in two years and probably equal to tegra5 performance.(obviously guessing). The industry is up for a big change and right now, OUYA is in the front of that change. Gamestick isn't MadCatz attempt isnt...Apple sure as sh*t isnt even close, intel, nope. AMD? nope(probably the closest but I doubt it). OUYA has the jump on everyone. They had a rough start and found out quick that you have to represent the industry that has it's preconceived notions. If OUYA can right the ship in the proper direction, they should do well. Ouya games are generally ~5 dollars. That's 12 games for the price of on "new" 360/PS3 game.


Jan 27, 2013
It might actually work out for Amazon. They have a huge tablet market, so they could cross sell them into a console. Having their own app store is an advantage because they could optimize the games for the console. If all else fails, they could still sell it as their own streaming device for their digital video and music on demand.


Dec 8, 2007
@ antilycus

Ouya still hasn't done anything to cut away from the console market. At best it competes with a freaking Roku and even I don't think it comes close, but the Ouya is still new and its hard introducing what the Ouya represents to the market and gain traction. According to this article from Forbes:
Barely any people have bought games, which is bad news and you're comparing Ouya game prices to that of consoles? Do you realize the kind of games you can play on an Ouya? If you're the kind of person that's satisfied with the quality of games from a Smartphone then you'll be ok with an Ouya.

Now, I do believe that its ridiculous the price they're changing for a retail game these days, especially when you consider how few of them are actually worth the price. But I use Steam and I have patience so this doesn't really affect me significantly.


Apr 30, 2010
make it a cheap dvr/ arm gaming centr to play smart phone type games with a controlle rinterface on a tv... i mean it'd sell but only if the price is right, and i tbetter have alot of storage space or at least have upgradable storage.
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