Android - Impossible to delete a folder/file ! Samsung J5


May 15, 2016
I think i have a virus on that folder because every time i try to Open/Cut/Delete that file, the My Files app crashes, the only way i could access that files is by computer and it named: (chinese words & weird symbols)ogg. Without "." & has 2.6mo. I tried to delete it i couldn't because it's write protected...on internal storage...and the only write protected file/folder. The only thing i could do is to rename it, i tried many file explorer apps, i had same problem. And i don't want to reset phone because i have many important things on it and i don't want to backup all of this!
Thanks you for the answers by the way
Well, you are out of options then. Unless you can install an antivirus software that will detect and remove it.

If you can't delete the file (which that is probably the file you see and not the only one), and av software doesn't do it, then the only option left is backing up what you can and doing a "Hard Reset" of the phone. Sometimes, there just isn't anything else to be done.


May 15, 2016
Thanks alot for the answer :) . I have installed many antivirus apps but all of em couldn't solve my problem (sorry i didn't mention this before!) because i think it doesn't count as virus to the apps maybe. Is there any other possible solution to do exept backing up my stuffs & reset the phone?
May 15, 2018
I had a problem deleting partially downloaded mp3 files in a folder that showed 0 files but 250MB in properties.

A Google search led me to a free app called Terminal Emulator, which is a Linux command interface.

This forum thread was a helpful intro:

It shows you how to:
1. get admin rights with the su command,
2. then how to navigate to the file you want to delete (cd command:
cd /storage/emulated/0
ls -l (folder name)
cd (folder name)
ls -l
(Enter each line as a separate cmd.)
3. To delete a folder, you need to use the following command:
rm -r (folder name).

And that is it! Worked like a charm for me.

Another method using adb command can be found here:
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