Android Vs Apple OS


I think it will depend on your use.

If you have exclusive apps on one side or another that may be the deciding factor.

With more and more apps on both sides of the fence Android has more handset options(wider range of users).

You should rename your thread to Android VS IOS. Also remember that since the 2 do not run on each others hardware, it is very hard to compare them directly to one another.


Feb 18, 2006
That's a little hard to answer as Apple iOS is wedded to Apple's hardware while Google Android, being a Linux distribution, can run on anybody's smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or server. I'd give Android an edge just for that one, personally. Android also retains much more of its Linux underpinning than iOS does its BSD underpinnings as well; most of the typical Linux tools are either included with or can be gotten and used on my Android smartphone.

I will say Apple's hardware sucks. Their decision to use a fragile glass screen in a smartphone which gets handled, dropped, stuck in pockets, put in purses with god-knows-what-else, and generally abused is an extremely terrible choice. Just about every iPhone I have seen that isn't brand-new or in an armored case the size and weight of a brick has a smashed screen which makes it almost unusable. Some Android devices make the same mistake but many do not.

Android can actually run on an iPhone as it is simply Linux. It's not easy but it can and has been done.



Well at least that means someone could try to compare performance across certain aspects of both operating systems. I think they may come out rather close in day to day use under the same hardware.


The main difference between the 2 is customisation. Are you a user that wants the phone to be unique to you or do you want a phone that has its hardware and software designed by the same manufacturer.

If you a normal user, then the performance shouldn't be that much. However this changes if you are a power user and want the latest apps as they appear in ios before android. But you can't customise a lot of things.
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