Antivirus being disabled by unknown source or application


Oct 11, 2016
I am running a laptop with windows 10 and free avast antivirus installed for protection. I keep the antivirus up to date all the time.
A couple of months ago I noticed that sometimes my antivirus is being turned off and disabled without my information.
In some occasions I get a pop up notification on my desktop saying and unknown application is attempting to disable your avast protection.
I scanned my system with both avast and Kaspersky security scan but no threats was found.
Can anyone help me find the reason behind this and suggest a solution?

In reverse:

If you are being notified that something is attempting to turn off your AV and failing to do so that suggests that you have the necessary protection.

However, if you are seeing that the AV is actually being turned off/disabled that is serious. Was you AV truly turned off?

What is the source of the pop-ups? When do those pop-ups occur? Certain websites, when running some application - any patterns?

Try a scan using another AV application. Could be that the attempt is to trick you into thinking AV is off when it is on and then you turn AV off.

Use Task Manager to see what processes and services are running. See if there is anything operational that cannot be explained.