Any reason to pay the extra to get a Razer Blade 15/Asus GM501 over Dell G3?

Nov 16, 2018
So I am on the lookout for a new laptop for 3d animation (mainly Maya) and gaming, I do have a budget of £1700, which I was going to use to buy a new Razer Blade 15 or the Asus GM501, however I have come across the Dell G3 with practically the same specs for £650ish cheaper..... Heres the specs and prices first.

Razer Blade:
i7 8750H
16gb DDR4 Ram
Nvidia 1060, 6gb Max-Q
256gb SSD
Price - £1699.99

Asus GM501
i7 8750H
16gb DDR 4 Ram
Nvidia GTX1060, 6gb GDDR5
26gb SSD
1TB 2nd HDD
Price - £1649.99

Dell G3
i7 8750H
8gb DDR4 Ram
Nvidia, 6gb Max-Q
128 SSD
1TB 2nd HDD
Price - £1049.00

So the Dell G3 has less Ram, but even stick another 8gb in there would probably only knock it up to £1149.00

Am I missing something here? Any reason I should pay an extra £550-£650 for a Razer or Asus?