Apple's Sitting Out the 5G Party — It's the Right Move

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Jul 7, 2018
It is not any move at all, right or otherwise, when their chip supplier prevents then from doing anything else. Score another one for Android.

Steffen Jobbs

Jan 26, 2014
Android smartphone manufacturers will grab all the 5G bragging rights and that's good for them. They'll sell a handful of 5G smartphones and only users will have to suffer by paying high 5G data costs, having poor battery life and having spotty 5G service. I'm not even sure why anyone except some die-hard tech-head needs 5G service at this point. Oh, that's right... bragging rights of being the first on the block to have some new tech even if it's mostly useless. There will be Android smartphone manufacturers who will put out cheap smartphones with a 5G chip and the rest of the smartphone will be crap. At least they can claim they were among the first to offer 5G smartphones. Yippee!
Dec 3, 2018
Gigabit LTE has a much longer range than 5G and LTE requires a much narrower band of frequencies. No one really needs the extra bandwidth offered by 5G. The only argument you have with 5G is the response rate is lower than LTE, but with the extremely low response rate that Gigabit LTE gets over standard LTE it's not going to make that big of a difference either.

Having Gigabit LTE is like having a car that can go 150 mph. If you have 5G your car can go 200 mph. Either way you are going to have trouble finding race track where you can actually go that fast if you even car to try. Last time I shopped for a car I could car less if it could hit 200mph. I suspect most people agree.
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