Solved! AppleTV+ app not working on firestick

Jul 26, 2020
Hello, thanks for the welcome. I am frustrated/angry with the apple TV app on my firestick! After spending 2 hours with apple support, the agent doesn’t know anything about firestick, so he was shooting in the dark. I have updated the firestick in settings,but to no avail. I signed into apple tv and also my ipad. So I should be able to use the app.Trying to watch “Greyhound” on aple TV. I am signed in. It wasy at the top “watch now” but when I click on it, it takes me to “how to watch.” When I click on that, a message comes on the screen, saying “in-app purchases aren’t allowed on this device. .To watch here, you much have subscribed to Apple TV+ on an apple device. I have and apple support has verified it. Please help!!!
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can you watch it on your ipad?

looks like a subscription issue. Do you pay for appleTV+? The free year trial will only work on qualified apple devices