Are the admins always so sensitive?


Mar 8, 2016
So, is there a way to offer a differing opinion that won't be deleted by admin? I'm asking because on today's best cell phone articles I pointed out to the author that as a owner of the Note 20 Ultra I think he should have dinged the phone for it's curved edge causing accidental touches like he hit the One Plus. I also mentioned that the Note 20 Ultra's photo quality was lower than that of it's predecessor the Note 10 Plus 5G since I owned that phone and have compared the photos. I also mentioned that he should have listed warp charge as a plus for the One Plus. In my opinion as a owner of the Note 20 Ultra, and a tech savvy individual I think his rating was a bit too generous and that I would probably choose the One Plus over the Note if given a do over. The article was about phone ratings with pros and cons. I listed pros and cons. I'm an owner of the phone so I wasn't pulling stuff out of my back side, and I guarantee I've use the Note 20 Ultra a whole lot more than the author so dare I say I might know better? Instead of having a dialogue with me, especially since I was very respectful in my comment, they just removed it. Seriously, no freedoms of speech on Tom's? No free exchange of ideas? I read a lot of articles here, but rarely comment and I think it's a very bad look to have a 100% on topic comment removed because I slightly disagreed with the author. But hey at least now my opinion is out there. If you're looking for an Android phone I would rank the new one plus, pixel, note 20 ultra, galaxy fe in that order. Easy peasy


Sure, start your own thread. The one you replied to was nearly a year old. Old news.

Not a matter of free speech or censorship. Our rules ask members to stick to current topics, that is all.



Oct 11, 2020
you got to watch those dates and not on just the message you replied to. I got dinged too because I replied to a post a couple hours old not realizing the thread itself was over a year old.

as previously mentioned, you can always start new thread and reference the old thread.
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