ASUS G73SW-XA1 Recovery Disk Problem!


Apr 24, 2011

I'm having a very serious problem with the using the recovery disk. I used the recovery disk earlier today, pretty much used "the recover windows to entire Hard Drive with two partitions". The laptop was new again like as if it was freshly opened from packaging; however, there were still problems with my laptop such as the keyboard illumination was off, so I decided to use the recovery disk once more (the same recovery disk that I used earlier that day). But this time, the recovery disk failed, and I'm having extreme difficulties. Apparently I can't return to my log on screen and it keeps showing the boot disk screen. I'm assuming that I should have made another set of recovery disk after I did the first recovery? What should I do? Install a new OS and download the drivers from the asus website and start from scratch again?? Thanks.


Jun 17, 2011

Reading your plight made me want to write this. I wonder if you had an encounter with ASUS Live Update as well. Read on.

Received the much anticipated ASUS G73SW-XT1 the day before. Took it out of the box yesterday, and switched it on. The initial set-up into Windows 7 proceeded without a hitch. The boot-up proceeded uneventfully. After boot-up, I proceeded to create a recovery pack on DVD (6 all together). It is incredibly stupid to only have a OEM recovery pack burner manage the whole process. There are technically superior ways to being able to manage "piracy concerns" AND AFFORD legit customers the comfort of having ESSENTIAL tools on hand to recover from problems caused by external forces.

After burning the recovery disks (which took 3 hours), and while exploring the system for installed BLOATWARE, ASUS'S own LIVE UPDATE software launched, and attempted to update the system, apparently with newer drivers. Even though this specific model of ASUS does not sport a 3D screen, LIVE UPDATE proceeded to download NVIDIA's 3D drivers, together with ASUS BIOS flash utility and USB 3.0 drivers and a few others that I cannot remember enough to mention just now.

After the installs, and a reboot, the keyboard backlight function failed. Further, when the boot sequence completed, a series of dialog boxes launched, noting many ATK package related errors. I proceeded to use the ASUS Utility E-Drive to try and reinstall the ATK package. It failed in the middle, asking for a disk to be inserted, without any description of 'what' disk exactly. I proceeded to insert the only disk that accompanied the laptop, a driver disk, anticipating the system to seek the driver it needs. Well, the system sat idle, without the process going forward.

Additionally, I noted that the updates had also broken the power management and overclocking-on-demand feature, among other things, like the Roxio Cineplayer BD.

I called ASUS at this point, and upon talking to their tech support, they advised me to RECOVER the system from the RECOVERY PARTITION. Attempting to recover from the partition subsequently failed. I then attempted to recover the system from the recovery DVDs. That failed too. I called ASUS again at this point, to inform them of the present predicament. ASUS's reply: "We apologize for the inconvenience. We can make arrangements for your system to be sent one of our repair locations, and arrange for its return to you in 14-18 days."

"Just Dandy," I said. While ASUS proposes a good warranty program, and a quality product (in general), as a CUSTOMER, having to NOT have a working system on hand for more than half a month is NOT a reasonable proposition. Vendors have to do better in taking care of customers.

I detail this experience because it could be that someone could benefit from my writing.

ASUS should have been more competent, TECHNICALLY, in determining how core software modifications could have BRICKED the system. Furthermore, ASUS should have better contingency management for such eventualities, if they are to expect to get ahead in the eyes of people like myself, who make significant decisions related to IT acquisitions.

You never know who you may be dealing with ASUS! Treat everyone, as you would like to be treated yourself, and MAKE contingency management a business PRIORITY. NOT having access to a system, which one directly bought, for up to 18 days is UNACCEPTABLE. Even more deplorable, is the fact that OEMs in general, don't pay any attention to technical details.

Pay ATTENTION, ASUS, and TAKE GOOD care of your customers. Don't be like HP and others.
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