Question ASUS Laptop doesn't start from battery but did work if charging cable removed from laptop at the right time ( does not rn)

Mar 26, 2020
So I just created this account to ask this and couldn't find a post relating to this,

My laptop ASUS R417BA-FA107T, randomly stopped working on the battery (couple months ago). Now when I plug it in, and press the power button it just boots up. But I found out that when I left the cable in there, powered it on and remove it at the right time, my pc would power on from the battery. After it booted I could just login, I went to check the battery in the corner and it would also say "Unknown Battery" in Windows. I don't know what has caused this because before that happend it worked perfectly.

Now that method of removing the cable doesn't work right and I'm tied to the wall right now.