Question Asus Laptop screen LCD's not turning on after driver update

Sep 23, 2018
I'm having trouble with my Asus laptops screen going black after boot when i update to newer graphics drivers.
If i use a flashlight i can see the screen, the programs on the screen and etc.
So i was wondering is there any way i can have this black screen fixed without rolling back the drivers to earlier version?
If needed any info on laptop just ask.
The drivers you installed, did you get them just somewhere online (downloaded because you saw/heard/read there were newer ones) or did you get them from the manufacturer's site?

The reason I ask is, just because there is a 'new' version of a driver doesn't mean it is meant for your device. This is why the manufacturer's site will have what does work with your computer. Other places will likely not, since every computer is different and not all drivers will work with them.

So, if the driver was not gotten from the manufacturer's site, and was listed as for your device, I suggest you uninstall it.
Sep 23, 2018
So it was from manafacturer’s site and it seems my graphics card doesnt support those drivers, but now after rolling back i started getting problems. Now when i turn my pc on and the moment it boots into place where i type my password white horizontals lines start apearing . After typing password and fully booting up lines are not going away. If i do movement or click f5 lines move to other places . After a few seconds the graphics driver crashes and succesfully recovers. And its an ongoing loop. I tried different drivers still the same . Even connected an extarnal display and lines are apearing there too .I noticed that there is no problems when i disable the drivers. Any clue whats wrong?
Then it may not be the drivers or software. Could be the cable that connects the display or even the display itself. The only way to check is to open it up and check the cable it if is connected securely on both ends and make sure it is not damaged, burnt, torn, bent, pinched, etc.

If the laptop is under warranty, then don't do any work yourself, contact the manufacturer. If it isn't under warranty, you may want to take it to a local tech and have them do the work.
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