Question Asus Laptop will not boot at all

Jul 28, 2019
I recently purchased used Asus d550ma notebook with windows 10 pro it was originally and windows 8 but the previous owner updated everything for me and I did a clean windows 10 install because it was running slow. Once it was done it showed that it couldn't reset no changes were made. So I restarted the PC but then it started showing a blue screen saying there was a error starting up and unable to automatic repair (critical process device) After trying different options from online research and possible mistakes I think I made. (Formatting different disk drives, changing the bios settings, and accidentally deleting my user files and formatting the recovery files (f). its still saying unable to restart but now its going to the recovery screen and jus restarting. Its not even going to the advance Boot options screen anymore. I had some hope for 2 secs when the the windows icon came on the screen instead if the manufacturer logo & automatic repair/diagnosed oc but it would go right to the blue error recovery screen. I dont have a dvd disk or usb drive. Nor did I create a recovery back up or system image. I dont know much about all this so I jus have an Ethernet cord thats connect to my internet router Network hoping I can maybe work with that for something I really need help. I hope I didn't completely destroy this laptop. I literally jus got it 2 days ago. So any help to fix this issue is greatly appreciated. Thanks


Aug 27, 2019
if you want to boost it up a bit, change HDD to SSD and if possible add some RAM
cpu and non existant dedicated GPU will still be slow, but at least the drive will not slow it down even more
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