Solved! ASUS T100 won't connect to internet


Nov 23, 2016
My laptop was working fine literally about 5 hours ago. left it on to download while I took a shower. I come out and it says the download couldn't be completed because of an I/O error. I had it connected to a hard drive so that was the I/O issue. Fine. But then when I try to use it for browsing it won't connect.

I've searched all the standard troubleshooting advice. Uninstalled the wifi adapter, re-installed. Deleted the drivers, re-installed. Unplugged the router, re-plugged. Restarted the computer and everything. I can't figure out went wrong.

When I look at my wifi signal, it clearly shows that the adapter is working. It picked up all the signals around me and mine. But every time I try to connect to mine, I just get the message "Can't connect to this network". It's beyond my comprehension. I've never encountered anything like this before.

Is it possible one of my roomates is trolling me and somehow blocked my laptop from picking up the signal? That's probably reaching but at this point I wouldn't be surprised. I'd hate to buy another computer.

Anyway if anyone knows the solution I'd love to hear from you. Thanks.